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Leslie Kleinsmith

After many years in the South African Cabaret and Jazz music industry Leslie Kleinsmith has deservedly earned the title of Grand Performer.

He is an artist with a stage presence, voice and charisma of performers such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, jnr, all of whom were influences in his formative years.

Leslie offers the same professionalism. His every move on stage, once choreographed, is now a natural flow of grace and delivery.

His voice, now a sculpted tone of contra-alto leaning towards golden tenor, evokes a warmth and pliability that turn great songs into personal innovations of love.

Leslie has never sounded better; he has never looked better in fact he looks ten years younger today that he did ten years ago! A zen-like spiritual existence balanced with a healthy lifestyle preserves him for a 5th decade in music and a 3rd generation of music lovers to enjoy.




+27 21 447 2330

43 Station Road
Observatory 7925
South Africa